Providing assistance to Individuals who are not in business is an important focus for Smith & Jennings, no matter your occupation and circumstances. Our services include:

Preparing income tax returns by asking you all the relevant questions, and using checklists to ensure no possible deduction is omitted and the latest tax issues are considered. This ensures we gain for you the maximum tax refund possible whilst at the same time not exposing you to risk. We also make available to you tax diaries (travel, telephone, minor expenses and undocumentable expenses) to make tax compliance easy.

Our exclusive Smith & Jennings free Tax App makes the recording of work related travel easy by using the built in GPS in your Apple device and the tracking of work related expenses can be literally achieved at the touch of a button. And our App contains many other features of great value to individual and business taxpayers alike.

Providing you with expert advice on negative gearing and capital gains tax in relation to shares and property, including subdividing of the back yard.

Advising on salary packaging in simple, easily understood language and explaining how to structure arrangements to maximise your after tax salary

Advising on deceased estates and matters related to inheritances including capital gains tax matters for shares and property inherited

Financial planning advice in relation to superannuation, pensions, investments and risk insurance

Advising on employment redundancy including issues to be considered in making a decision in your best long term interests and related tax issues

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